Radar - Britney Spears

 First released on the album "Blackout", Radar is the fourth single from "Blackout" and  "Circus".

Release Information:

Worldwide - July 02, 2008 (From Blackout) [Promo Single]
Worldwide (Excluding Europe and United Kingdom) - June 23, 2009 (From Blackout) [Single]
Europe and United Kingdom - July 27, 2009 (From Circus) [Single]

Labels: RCA/Jive/SonyBMG

Main Cover (2008 Promo CD, 2009 Re-issue)

Alternate Cover (Europe and United Kingdom EP) 

2008 Press Release

After the three successful singles from "Blackout" (Gimme More, Piece Of Me, Break The Ice), the Pop Princess returns with a 4th smash hit "Radar".
The song already gained a lot of attention in 2007 when "Blackout" was released, and now it's coming to your radio soon. A music video is already being planned, and the two track Digital single is already being scheduled with the Instrumental to be released along with it later in August.  Get your hands on this hot hit, and you will be listening to it for hours. Comes from Britney's latest album "Blackout", In stores now.

2009 Press Release

"Radar" is returning to dominate the charts once again this year as it prepares to be the 4th single from Circus in Europe and the UK, as well as being re-released from Blackout everywhere else. "Radar" already charted last year in some of the major charts after it was released as a Promotional Single. Now it's ready to take over the charts this year, with a music video to be released worldwide, Radio airplay, and a brand new Digital EP. In Europe and the UK, "Radar" will be officially lifted as the fourth single from the album "Circus". It will be released with a brand new Digital EP with 4 new remixes. In the U.S. and the rest of the world, "Radar" will be re-issued from Blackout as the Fourth single. It will be released to radio in June, and will receive a music video for the track. 

Track listings:

*2008 Promotional CD
1. Radar - 3:49
2. Radar (Instrumental) - 3:48

*2009 Blackout Re-issue
1. Radar - 3:49
2. Radar (Radio Edit) - 3:43
3. Radar (Instrumental) - 3:48

Other Track listings: (From Circus)

*2009 UK/Europe Promotional CD
1. Radar - 3:49

*2009 UK/Europe EP
1. Radar - 3:49
2. Radar (Bloodshy & Avant Remix) - 5:44
3. Radar (Manhattan Clique UHF Remix) – 5:53
4. Radar (Tonal Club Remix) – 4:56
5. Radar (Tonal Radio Remix) – 4:00

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